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Medical experts acknowledged that we all have cells that go bad due to DNA damage but fortunately, our body has a natural recovery mechanism to repair the damaged cells or eliminate the cells by the immune system if the damage is irreversible.

However, the performance of our recovery and immune system decline over time due to the body toxin accumulation. Everyday, we are exposed to toxins from air, food, water and stress. In fact, a major toxic load comes from our own metabolic wastes and other toxins produced within our own body.

Thus, the cells lose their protection and cell damage become prominent. Signs and symptoms of diseases start appearing which eventually lead to many diseases and even cancer.

Provide your cells with Silver Bullet protection!
Silver Bullet is a super-blend of extracts from 6 types of well-researched natural foods that have powerful antioxidant; cell-protecting and cancer-inhibiting properties. It is a good general health booster which gives us more energy, more vitality and robust health.

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