Wednesday OPP

Blood & Money Not Enough
健康讲座  Health Talk
课题Topic: <贫血-Anemia>
讲师 Speaker:Hoi Yi (营养师, Dietician)

日期 Date:04/07/18 (星期三 Wed)
时间 Time: 8.00pm – 10.00pm
地点 Venue:赢升公司 INSAAN HQ

千万别错过,我们还有marketing加油站,由我们最优秀的领袖Mr. Hau开启您的梦想之旅❤。记得带上您的Chop n Go卡!

Don’t miss it, we have marketing session - “fuel station” , which will be conducted by our top leader, Mr. Hau to give inspiration. ❤
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This event from now until 31/12/2018
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