CryoBac 193

Your Unseen Health Protector

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Probiotics are little GUARDs for health that occur naturally inside human body! Stress, drug abuse, antibiotics, inadequate exercise, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle like smoking and drinking alcohol cause of gut flora imbalance! This leads to harmful bacteria becoming excessive and toxins will start to accumulate. A toxic body environment leads to a series of underlying disease, e.g. obesity, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, colitis and even cancer! Hence, supplementation of probiotics is no longer a luxury but a need in these days of prevalent toxins!

 1  - The only 1 in the world manufactured using Europe patented Cryo-Bac Pro-active technology
 9  - 9 strains of proprietary probiotics from human origin
 3  - 3 target zones (Stomach; Intestines; Colon)

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