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Gamat Asli

- 500ml

What is Gamat (Sea Cucumber)?
Consumed for generations as “Gamat” to Malays and “Hai Shen” to the Chinese, the nutrient-rich sea cucumber (Stichopus) is a marine animal with an elongated, cucumber-like shaped body..

Insaan Gamat Asli
Insaan Gamat Asli is a whole extract with 200% concentration of gamat. The strictest standards are maintained during the extraction process, using the best and cleanest bio-technology procedures.

Presented in consistent jelly form with a refreshing winter-melon flavor, Insaan Gamat Asli is an excellent daily tonic for young and old!.

Active Ingredient:
Each 1ml contains: Stichopus Variegatus 220mg

Directions of Use:
Consume one tablespoon each time, twice daily.

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